Pray for Domestic Violence


Before you start your day or end your day pray a specific prayer for Domestic Violence.
There is an increase in death due to Domestic Violence or just women that’s being abused.

Don’t discount your prayer it will be heard. If any of you know my testimony share with someone that’s going through and let them know there’s life after. We stay in for many reasons yet we have more reasons to get out.
We were not put here to be abused but God, he saved me.

It took everything in me to share as many judge then God showed me that No one can judge me that all has some issue they dealing with no one has that perfect life no matter how they try to mask it.

I’m thankful that the masked was removed as being in bondage being scared being all but what he called me to be was no longer an options.

Walking in Purpose for PURPOSE
God Bless You
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