Walk in not OUT

Today is a day that many want get up and press there way through to destiny.  They will just follow others and believe that along the way they will get there to.  However, in order to get there you cannot just follow people you must step in to what he has shown you and told you that you must do.

Walk in your purpose MOG/WOG

I love challenges, today I challenge you to write 1 thing down toward your purpose your destiny and concentrate on it for a week.  Then do it again with the next and the next as you continue you will see you can do it.

Again, walk in your purpose MOG/WOG

Don’t be discouraged from fear from naysayers be encouraged and know that he believes in you and trust you with this so who can say anything, noone.  Now get busy getting out of your way.

I say again, Walk in your purpose MOG/WOG

Our life is what we make it now he has allowed you this new day new opportunity to begin don’t mess it up.  You can do it.

Lastly, you owe this to yourself.  Why because you deserve all that your hearts desire and that God said yes to.

One last encouragement, Sunrise – Sunset.  That dash between Sunrise and sunset is your life, make it meaningful so leave that legacy preach your eulogy.

Walk in not OUT

God Bless You Much Love

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