As a noun single means an individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group.

As an adjective single means unmarried or not involved in a stable sexual relationship.

Some people may thing that being Single you have to be Lonely…that’s furthest from the truth….you choose if you want to be lonely or alone. I love my me time and I love being with others as I know for me I can find a lot to do to keep myself occupied and that is what some don’t know how to do because they don’t understand why am I single, I’m this I’m that but why am I single. You are single right now as that is the way GOD wants it. He has something for you to do specifically however in order to get your attention he need you to FOCUS only on him and not man.

Being single allows you the opportunity to enjoy others in a way you would not be able to if you were in a relationship. Being single can lead you in many directions; however it is up to you to seek GOD on the direction you should go in while you are here.

Being single gives you the opportunity to seek that career you want, go back to school to advance and be that which you want, enjoy your friends meet new people, love on your family, and be of service to others that may need you. It seems as though as soon as I became single I was needed by so many people. I was like LORD why me why they calling up on me then I had to realize what my mother always said…..Why not you? GOD uses us all for something specific and you may be that person he is using right now to help others in a way you couldn’t when you were married or in a relationship…..AMEN.

So my sisters my brothers, Give thanks to God for your life and all the opportunities he is giving you right now in your singleness. Do what you want now for you and when that person comes they you will do what he needs you do focus on more of you and that person he has sent your way.


Live like you never lived before Love as if you never loved before and Laugh as if it is your last laugh………GOD has you MOG/WOG.

Much Love

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