Why are you just living from day to day?  Why is it that you don’t have purpose?  What or who is stopping you from obtaining that which you want to obtain in your life time?

Write these questions down, save some space so you can write down the answer after each one.  It is time for you to get it together. I am sure you are well passed 21 years of age so you need to say LORD help me help myself.  I am tired of just existing I want to live LORD, show me help me guide me.  I surrender on this day LORD.

He will help you however you have to be willing to surrender and surrender completely.  You cannot half way surrender you need to do it completely.  Otherwise you will not receive that full purpose your full destiny.  Again don’t let anything stop you.  Matter of fact, stop being in your own way. 

Remember life is about what you make it, don’t say I don’t have so I can’t….yes you can.  Start small and work your way up, you will succeed better that way.  Don’t rush it just take the first step and make a step each day until you have reach a point where you know you can truly do this with no problem.  It is up to you on how your life will go, GOD is there for you however we all know we will turn away from him in a minute.  Stop turning away and stay there because he will not lead you or guide you in the wrong direction.

Get you someone to walk this with you and who can encourage you along the way.  That which had hindered you in your past should be a push to say yes I can do this yes I am going to achieve this LORD thank you for giving this to me.

As you go about becoming all that he has designed you to be you will be on that road to self healing self love self confidence self wholeness.  AMEN

I pray that this will help you as you go about your journey that GOD has for you and that you will stay focus and in your lane only.  REMEMBER he gave you this, it is not for anyone else.  Enjoy your journey enjoy where he is taking you as it is beautiful.

GOD Bless You Much Love Clara Peters







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