It is time for you to stop what you are doing if it is not what GOD has called you to do. It is time to walk in your anointing and be that mighty WOG or MOG that you were born to be. It’s time to say enough is enough I have to surrender and do it his way as my way is not working. Your way will work however he just need to show you how to work it and know that it will be successful.

Stop putting yourself down stop thinking you can’t deliver that which he wants you to deliver. You can do it if he didn’t think you could he would not have given it unto you. Trust him as he has you. Lean on his will not your will and know that he will always be there with you to guide you. Read the word, pray over the word, put that he has given you on paper and pray over it, then activate it. Remember the only person that can stop it from being what he has ordained it to be is you, so get out of your own way and let him use you.

Sometimes what we do is allow what people say to hinder us from going forth, don’t let anyone still your dream(s) your purpose go forth with your head held high and know you can obtain all that you every thought about obtaining. GOD has you.

When you have retired and sitting thinking about your life, one thing you should be able to say is that I have done all that I was called to do by my Father.

Don’t let what GOD has for you die, go for it now as you only have one life. Live it to the fullest with NO REGRETS.

Much Love Clara Peters

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