“Afraid no More” Clara Peters

As I was riding back from the country in Louisiana I realized how much I missed GOD’s country as my mother always called it.  It was so peaceful and so surreal.  I went there for one thing but GOD came in the midst and show me something else and it was beautiful.

When people see me they see what they see but other than seeing GOD all over me what they don’t see is that country girl.  As I was walking from the house I grew up in to the house my dad built my mother about 3 years before she passed I was walking barefoot on rocks down the pathway.  I had my 4 month old grandson in my arms and a couple others walking along side me and was like how can you do that.  I said I will race you barefoot on these rocks.  He was shocked I love being out there in GOD’s country.   The grandbaby enjoyed the run with his gmomma.

Whenever I went home I would go everywhere with my Mother as that was our time unless my dad was not at work because a dad’s girl is who I am as well.  Love me some him.  However, we would always go to the graveyard but I was always afraid I remember one time I stayed in and locked the doors my mother laughed at me and said these is not the ones to worry about.  I was afraid and no one could change that. 

I must say and I had a good laugh as I thought about it and talked about it this time and that is I was always afraid of the graveyard.  When my mother passed in 2004 and I was home in the country I did not care what time it was dark or not I went to see my QUEEN and yes by myself.  I am not afraid anymore, if I want to visit my KING and QUEEN I go to where their body is and I am good.  My mother got the last laugh on that one. 

I had another laugh as my grandchildren left the house and went riding on the bikes, unbeknownst to me, my daughter, and sisters they went to the graveyard to see their grandparents and my brother their uncle before we left.  They said they had to go see them before we left, I laughed because here they are ranging from age 7-12 not afraid but I was up until my forties…..but GOD.  They showed me, gmomma you don’t have to be afraid.  I did go by the graveyard as I was leaving out and my 7 year old granddaughter said so and so is buried over there and the babies is buried over there, she was not afraid to walk the grounds of the grave and visit others. 

MOG/WOG, what are you afraid of, walk it out talk it out do whatever you have to but get rid of it today.  My mother showed me without my realizing my grandchildren showed me even more however I am not of afraid of anything have not been for years but by their action on this Sunday really the whole weekend I was like WOW.  Yes we can even learn from the little one and they don’t even be knowing that they are teach the grownup something.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY

GOD Bless You Love You Much

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