DAY 4: WILL YOU TAKE A LOVE WALK WITH ME? OUR SCRIPTURE COMES FROM JOHN CHAPTER 4:4 “He must needs go through Samaria”. From this passage, we know that Jesus was on a divinely appointed schedule, He arrived at the time He knew the woman would be at the well. Little did she know, what she would receive would fill her up so much that the overflow would affect an entire village!

OUR CHALLENGE FOR TODAY IS TO GO THROUGH UN CHARTED TERRITORY! It may be someone you haven’t reached out to in a while, a relative you haven’t spoken to, maybe because of family disunity or strife, or a total stranger. Your breathing words of LIFE would not only impact them, but everything they are connected to!!!! GO AHEAD UN-LOCK SOMEBODY’S DESTINY!!!! PUSH THEM INTO GREATER!!! THIS IS SOMEONE YOU HAVEN’T TALKED TO OR VISTED IN A WHILE.

My story: For the past couple of days, I was experiencing a heaviness; an unusual weight. It was even greater yesterday, and through a misunderstood text, I received a call from someone I had not spoken to in a while, she called to clarify the text, she had no idea how GOD was going to use her **almost in tears*** to speak LIFE into me. Yes, even I…..we all need encouragement along this journey, at any rate I didn’t expect it, but her words were like healing balm to my spirit and my soul. She breathes life and as a result, there was an OVERFLOW unto others!!!!! Un-locking destinies!  It’s one thing to birth your own, it’s another thing (an entirely different level of PAIN) to birth somebody else’s!!!!!

DAY 4 GO THROUGH SAMARIA!!! Affect villages (families) through 1 person!!!

Thank you for joining Daphney Chaney and me, Clara Peters as we take this walk.  Minister Chaney will share for 10 days.  I pray that you have been blessed these last few days while on this love walk.  If you are just joining, go back and read the other days before today. 

GOD Bless You Much Love Minister Clara Peters

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